Penerapan Estimasi Posisi dan Tracking Wajah Pada Sistem Presensi Mahasiswa

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Afrillebar Putra Pratama
Agi Prasetiadi
Elisa Usada


The current presence system can be done with a computerized system, one of which is the face biometric system. This study focuses on the application of position estimation and tracking based on clustering on people's faces to determine the position in three dimensions. Position estimation can be obtained by making a kernel that is ready to be used to predict three-dimensional coordinates of faces based on two-dimensional coordinates of two images. Position estimation can be done by utilizing the Machine Learning algorithm family. In this study, Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operators (LASSO) is used to perform the position estimation. Meanwhile, clustering in this study uses the K-Means algorithm. Based on the test results, the kernel error obtained in estimating the face location is 9.23 cm. The tracking accuracy of an object based on clustering is 100%.


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Pratama, A., Prasetiadi, A., & Usada, E. (2020). Penerapan Estimasi Posisi dan Tracking Wajah Pada Sistem Presensi Mahasiswa. Jurnal Teknik Informatika Dan Sistem Informasi, 6(2).