Published the inaugural edition in April 2015 as a merger between the Jurnal Informatika and Jurnal Sistem Informasi managed by the Faculty of Information Technology, Maranatha Christian University.

Obtained national accreditation for the first time with the predicate of Sinta 4.

Obtained national re-accreditation with the predicate of Sinta 4.

Starting from JuTISI Vol. 7 No. 2 is applied a one-column layout, with various editorial adjustments, such as completeness of authors' affiliation addresses, paper history, and writing style.

-. Starting from JuTISI Vol. 8 No. 2  a new template is applied.  Some information is added regarding copyright attribution, dual language in the title, and abstract (in Bahasa Indonesia and English).
-. Register for national re-accreditation for the next assessment period.