Monitoring Kualitas Air Tambak Udang Menggunakan NodeMCU, Firebase, dan Flutter

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Harry Pratama Ramadhan
Condro Kartiko
Agi Prasetiadi


Abstract — Based on the prior study, some shrimp ponds went bankrupt due to pond water quality monitoring is still not good. Many shrimps get sick and die for water quality monitoring still relies on laboratory checks and is rarely done because of financial problems. The purpose of this study is to develop a monitoring system of shrimp pond water quality especially for vannamei shrimp using an Internet of Things (IoT)-based device with a data logging method. The system role is to monitor the  water condition, record sensor data, and provide water quality status of shrimp ponds based on water movement, turbidity of water, and water temperature. The data logger device uses a microcontroller named NodeMCU ESP8266 and two sensors namely the LDR sensor and the water temperature sensor dallas 18b20. The devices are connected to the internet and send all water quality monitoring data to Google's database service called Firebase. The results of the water quality monitoring can be accessed through an Android-based monitoring application that is built using Flutter framework which contains information.
Keywords— Flutter Android; Internet of Things;  Monitoring System;  Water Quality  


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H. P. Ramadhan, C. Kartiko, and A. Prasetiadi, “Monitoring Kualitas Air Tambak Udang Menggunakan NodeMCU, Firebase, dan Flutter”, JuTISI, vol. 6, no. 1, Apr. 2020.