Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi (JuTISI) is a scientific peer-reviewed open access journal published by the Faculty of Information Technology, Maranatha Christian University to provide a means for academics and researchers to publish scientific works to a wide audience. This journal is an amalgamation of the Jurnal Teknik Informatika and the Jurnal Sistem Informasi which was last published in 2014. JuTISI is published in 3 editions every year starting in 2015, namely in April, August, and December.

Currently JuTISI Accredited Rank 3 SINTA. JuTISI Accreditation Certificate by the Ministry of Education, Cultural, Research and Technology Republic of Indonesia Decree Number 0041/E5.3/HM.01.00/2023 dated January 28, 2023, can be seen here. Accreditation is valid for 5 (five) years, starting from Volume 8 Number 1 of 2022 to Volume 12 Number 2 of 2026, as stated on the certificate.

From Volume 4 onwards, print versions of JuTISI for Authors can be obtained by pre-ordering at a predetermined cost. To place an order for a printed journal, you can fill out a journal order letter.

e-ISSN: 2443-2229 | p-ISSN: 2443-2210

Accredited Sinta 3


Proud to announce that we have obtained national re-accreditation with the predicate of Sinta 3 (Decree Number 0041/E5.3/HM.01.00/2023).

Vol. 8 No. 3 (2022): JuTISI

Published: 2022-12-21

Website Development to Display Crypto Coin Prices with Application Programming Interface

Rizky Parlika, Achmad Yuneda Alfajr, Alif Ernanda Putra, Ahmad Dendy Prasongko Putra

497 – 508

Developing Bookkeeping Applications Using the Agile Scrum Method

Dhandy Joenathan Kurnia Putra, Penidas Fiodinggo Tanaem

509 – 521

Clustering of Featured Vegetables Using the K-Means Algorithm

Lina Mardiana Harahap, Wahyu Fuadi, Lidya Rosnita, Eva Darnila, Rini Meiyanti

567 – 579

Serverless Urban Farming Instructional Text Named Entity Recognition

Trisna Gelar, Aprianti Nanda, Akhmad Bakhrun

597 – 606

Optimizing Weather Forecast Using Ensemble Method on Naïve Bayes and C4.5

Vini Indri Yani, Aradea Aradea, Husni Mubarok

607 – 619

Implementation of $P Point Cloud Recognizer for Game-based Numeral Recognition

Muhammad Farid Athar, Yohannes Yohannes, Yoannita Yoannita

632 – 644

Sentiment Classification Analysis On Phone Identity Card Data Leaks Issues On Twitter

Muh Ichlasul Amal, Elsa Syafira Rahmasita, Edward Suryaputra, Nur Aini Rakhmawati

645 – 660

Development of Alumni System with Job Vacancies

Daniel Jahja Surjawan, Meliana Christianti Johan, Dinda Ayu Febriani

674 – 689

Measurement of Academic Information System Services using Service Intelligence and Management Business Processes Control

Adelia Adelia, Diana Trivena Yulianti , Tiur Gantini, Remaydo Timothy Gultom

690 – 697

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