Pengenalan Jenis Kayu Berdasarkan Citra Makroskopik Menggunakan Metode Convolutional Neural Network

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Eko Yudhi Prastowo


Until now, wood has an irreplaceable function. Building materials, shipping, furniture, sports equipment, carvings and handicrafts using wood. Indonesia has more than 4,000 types of wood, so choosing the right wood is a challenge because choosing the wrong type of wood can make the quality of processed products decline and not as expected. In addition, proper identification of timber can also prevent illegal logging, especially on certain types of wood which are now increasingly scarce. Recognition to wood by looking directly is a difficult thing for ordinary people to do and can only be done by a wood expert, so it is necessary to find a method of recognizing wood that can be used by people independently. One method that can be used to identify type of wood is image processing based on characteristics of wood which include color, fiber direction and texture. This paper will describe recognition of wood-based image processing using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) method. This method is derived from Neural Networks with addition of an extraction layer feature, which can reduce free parameters that are not needed by the system. Wood image data used in this study are four types of wood that are often used as raw materials for making houses and furniture, namely Glugu, Teak, Sengon and Waru. Results of this study were able to recognize four types of wood with an accuracy of 95% in 600 epochs/iteration, so that it can be used as a simple, easy and inexpensive wood recognition system.


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E. Y. Prastowo, “Pengenalan Jenis Kayu Berdasarkan Citra Makroskopik Menggunakan Metode Convolutional Neural Network”, JuTISI, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 489 –, Aug. 2021.