Analisis Klasifikasi Sentimen Terhadap Sekolah Daring pada Twitter Menggunakan Supervised Machine Learning

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Ni Luh Putu Chandra Savitri
Radya Amirur Rahman
Reyhan Venyutzky
Nur Aini Rakhmawati


Covid-19 pandemic urges countries to limit interaction of their people to reduce transmission. Indonesia requires people to do activities at home, one of which is online school. Many people share their thoughts through social media Twitter. Therefore, authors conducted sentiment analysis using supervised machine learning algorithm to determine distribution of words used in commenting on online schools, relationship between sentence, length and sentiment, and best algorithms that can be used to get most accurate results. In this study, authors used the method of crawling with RapidMiner to get data from Twitter. Then authors do data cleansing, data processing with classification methods using Random Forest Classifier , Logistic Regression , BernoulliNB and SVC algorithm. After that authors evaluate using confusion matrix, accuracy rate and classification report. In this research, authors found there are positive, negative, and neutral sentiments expressed on the online school implementation through comments. Authors ranked top three most used words used to express positive sentiments which includes bahagia, rajin and senang. On negative sentiments, top three words are capek, muak and bosen. On neutral sentiments, top three words are tidur, capek, and buka. Lengthy Tweets are usually imbued with negative remarks. On the other hand, the tweet tends to be positive and neutral tweet is usually stable. Authors conclude that the weakness of online school is the amount of workload that makes students tired alongside ineffective teaching method which makes it hard for students to understand the material given by school. However, on the positive side, some people agree with policies that are implemented and they feel like they gained some benefits from the implementation. From the four supervised machine learning algorithms that have been tested, Logistic Regression shows the highest accuracy, 0,87. The analysis shows that society tends to be neutral to the implementation of online school.


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N. L. P. C. Savitri, R. A. Rahman, R. Venyutzky, and N. A. Rakhmawati, “Analisis Klasifikasi Sentimen Terhadap Sekolah Daring pada Twitter Menggunakan Supervised Machine Learning”, JuTISI, vol. 7, no. 1, Apr. 2021.