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SRJD is affiliated with HDII West Java Chapter (Himpunan Desainer Interior Cabang Jawa Barat) & ADGI (Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia) in the editorial matter.   SRJD encourages manuscript written by the academician, also from professional designers who need to publish their design process ideas with interesting concepts that could be valuable for the field of design and culture. Publication in SRJD is free of charge (for the review and online publication process). 

SRJD accept articles written in Indonesian (main language) and English.  SRJD is published twice a year, in January and July. Serat Rupa Journal of Design has been indexed by GARUDA, Google Scholar, Crossref, WorldCat, BASE.

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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2024): SRJD - JANUARY

EDITORIAL FOREWORD Articles in the visual communication design studies in this issue of SRJD highlight important aspects, namely identity, ethics and technology. In terms of identity, the research article shows the key role of graphic design in shaping public perception and collective identity providing an important example of how design can be used to influence and tell urban narratives. Meanwhile, regarding professional ethics, a case study article opens a discussion about how graphic design education must include ethical aspects to prepare responsible designers. Visual communication design is also always faced with new opportunities in technology. The other research articles shows that developments towards digital art in video game production and screen-based activity play a vital role in creating immersive, educational experiences. These researches show how important visual communication design is in various aspects of modern life and how designers can have a significant positive impact on society and industry.  Meanwhile, the articles in the interior design here raise two main issues, namely: local wisdom in interior product and the other studied user preferences as a strategy for developing innovation in the built environment which continues to develop and evolve. It is hoped that research on local wisdom issues can become a reference for strategies for utilizing local traditional knowledge for sustainability, maintain the balance between humans and nature, which also contributes to the economic development of local communities. This kind of research is urgently needed, especially in sustainable development to build economic growth and innovation, empower society, especially women and the younger generation, and reduce societal disparities. Meanwhile, research on constantly changing needs & wants will support innovation that not only focuses on trend, but is also humanistic in nature.

Published: 2024-01-31

Utilization of Bamboo Waste for Preschool Musical Toy with Surface Mimicry Approach

Bismo Jelantik Joyodiharjo, Nabilla Puteri Sidarta, Yasraf Amir Piliang, Dwinita Larasati, Tati Suryati Syamsudin

Building Jakarta’s Identity Through Plus Jakarta: City of Collaboration Campaign

Galuh Mawarni Matahariputri, Alvanov Zpalanzani Mansoor, Dody Achmad Nawawi
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