Focus and scope of SRJD research areas include visual communication design, interior design & architecture, fashion design, design and culture, which emphasize the value aspect that is essential to the enhancement of human beings. SRJD published an original copy of articles research manuscript that is: 1) written based on research or field study, 2) written based on the design process, and 3) book reviews that are written with the minimum of 20 references. Publication allows expected subjects such as:

a. Visual Communication Design (VCD)

Visual Creative Advertising | Verbal Creative Advertising | Corporate Identity | Visual Rhetoric | Fashion Graphic | Fashion Industry Marketing | Packaging Design | Book Design | Typography & Lay-Out Design | Creative & Commercial Photography | Game Graphic

b. Interior Design & Architecture (ID)

Human Dimension & Designed Place | Anthropometrics & Ergonomic Issues | Furniture Design | Product Design | Building Material

c. Fashion Design (FD)

Fashion Trend & Style | Fashion Materials & Textiles | Accessory & Shoe Design | Jewellery Design | Visual Merchandising in Fashion Industry