Jurnal Manajemen Maranatha’s (JMM) reviewer team will review every article appropriate to general standards set by management. They are academicians and professionals who have scientific capabilities and academic experience in establishing various national and international academic writings. The reviewer team reviewed all parts of the writing, from the title to the reference, which included aspects of the appropriateness of the contents of the writing from its accuracy, appropriateness, and completeness as well as the appropriateness of the presentation aspects of systematic, clarity, and consistency. The entire review process includes checking articles of any form of plagiarism using common software that is often used by any journal.

This journal applies a blind review system in which each writer and reviewer does not know each other's identities. The series of evaluations of an article by a reviewer is conducted anonymously, both when sending articles and providing notes and or comments from each related party in accordance with their respective interests. After going through a careful review process, the results of the reviewer's decision on the incoming article are as follows:

a. Article published without revision. Article is properly publish with excellent discussion and suitable format.

b. Article published with minor revision. The author still has to make improvements (add and or subtract) non substantial about article’s format and composition.

c. Article published with major revision. The author must make substantial improvements (add or subtract) about article’s comprehensive and clarity.

d. The article could not be published. Article is not appropriate to be published for the author violates essential requirements, such as the incompatibility of topics and contents, plagiarism, as well as the many critical errors in article content that cannot be tolerated.

Every decision submitted by the reviewer team is absolute; hence, authors must follow and accept it.