Announcements Related to Journal of ICE's Issue Numbering

In 2021 the Journal of ICE published four times:
Vol.1, No.1, in February 2021
Vol.1, No.2, in May 2021
Vol.2, No.1, in August 2021
Vol.2, No.2, in November 2021

Starting from publication in 2022, the numbering of Journal of ICE publications will change according to the direction of ISSN LIPI, as follows:
Vol.3, No.1, in February 2022 (already published)
Vol.3, No.2, in May 2022 (already published)
Vol.3, No.3, in August 2022
Vol.3, No.4, in November 2022

Starting Volume 3 (2022) the publication of Journal of ICE article is carried out 4 times, in February, May, August, and November. The change in the numbering procedure for the Journal of ICE has been reported to the ISSN LIPI such that it will not impact previously published articles.


Announcements Related to Journal of ICE's Issue about Template and Volume

Starting on August 29, 2022, there will be a change of template for article in the Journal of Innovation and Community Engagement. This will take effect from volume 3 no. 3, 2022.