Peer Review Process

In short, please kindly help us, so that we can help you :)
1. First Decision or Pre-review Assessment takes about 1-2 weeks for Editor to decide whether an article can be proceeded to the next stage. As no information in OJS regarding the first decision will be available, author may contact Managing Editor directly.
2. Before reviewing process started, Editors will have to find peer reviewers, and this process itself will take about 2-3 weeks or sooner.
3. Peer review process will take the reviewers about 2 weeks to 1 month to review the related article, depend on the availability of appointed peer reviewer.
4. After the review process is complete, the article and the results of the review will then be returned by the editor to the author for revision(s) within the given period of time (approximately about 2- 3 weeks, or might be sooner, depend on the planned date of publication). Author is advised to revised as soon as possible as this revision stage may take longer when author do not revise it accordingly, which prevent completion of the whole process. Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will be only issued after this stage upon request from author.
5. Copy editing process by editor will take about 2-3 weeks. The copy editing process is the process of correcting and formatting grammars, capitalizations and punctuations, as well as other technical matters. Copy editing will be done after the article is considered qualified for publication. Following provided author guidelines and template will make this stage quicker (1 week).
6. Thus, the entire publication process will take about 2-3 months. Please kindly allocate your time before commencing any submission to the journal.
7. For some limited eligible articles, we will publish in press, to facilitate author's intention to publish on updated issue. Please note that in press publication is limited for a current issue and eligible article, so this will be fast tracked, but will still be reviewed by minimum 2 reviewers. In press publication publish abstracts and key words only, pdf galley will be published later in the final publication, to prevent self plagiarism.
This in press publication provides certainty for the author that his/her article will be published in a certain edition of the journal. Therefore, if an article has been published in press, we will no longer issue a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).