Author Guidelines

Dear Our Future Authors,

Please read this guideline carefully before submitting your manuscript(s) in Dialogia Iuridica Journal:

  1. The submitted manuscript(s) must be the author's original scientific work that has never been published in any other media and does not contain any elements of
  2. The manuscript(s) can be written in English or Indonesian (5000-9000 words), including bibliography), A4 size paper, Times New Romans font, 12 pt size, 1.5 spacing and 3 cm of right, left, top, bottom m Please refer to manuscript template for further reference.
  3. The manuscript(s) must be written in line with the format of the journal with the following systematics: Article title, Author Name (Author Institution (including full address and comprising Program Study, Faculty, University, together with Author’s Email Address), Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Discussion (consisting of independent sub-discussions), Closing, and Bibliography.
  4. Journal uses Modern Language Association (MLA Reference Style). All reference in article’s footnote and bibliography shall follow the prevailing MLA reference style.
  5. Please read the following checklist to make sure your article is in line with journal’s policy:
  6. Reference sources must be recent publications (previous 10 years up to present are deemed as recent) with journals as the main composition – at least half of the total composition and the rest are books, links and others At least 15 journal articles shall be used as reference sources and journal reference.
  7. Reference manager (preferably Mendeley or Zotero) are highly recommended. Traceable reference is highly preferred.
  8. Article(s) should be submitted to this site. On the web, the author can register himself as author, login and comply with the article submission procedure according to the
  9. By submitting to Dialogia Iuridica, authors agree to comply with author guidelines and manuscript templates, and authors will put its utmost efforts to reviewer’s results and editor’s