Journal History

HISTORY   The First edition of Journal of Medicine and Health (JMH) was published in February 2015. Furthermore, JMH is published regularly twice a year, in February and August. In December 2019 JMH has been accredited by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic Indonesia at the S4 level in SINTA (Science and Technology Index). This accreditation valid for 5 (five) years. Since October 2020, JMH has imposed a submission fee of IDR 300,000 per article submitted; however, JMH does not ask for additional article procession fee and publication fee. In the face of reaccreditation and preparation of DOAJ submissions; JMH has changed some policies, including copyright which originally had to be transferred by the author to JMH and became the rights of the journal will be granted to the authors starting from July 2022. This condition is subject to CC-BY-NC license. Since August 2022, JMH has a publication collaboration with a medical professional organization, namely Perhimpunan Dokter Umum Indonesia (PDUI) Jawa Barat or the Indonesian General Doctors Association (IGDA) West Java (