Author Guidelines

Journal of Innovation and Community Engagement Outline

Outline :

1. Title :

The title should reflect:

  • issues and focus of community engagement;
  • community partnerships;
  • action and strategy;
  • social or economic or any other impacts; and/or
  • innovation


2. Abstract

Consists of:

  • introduction/background
  • the goals of the community engagement
  • methods/approaches/strategy in organizing the community engagement
  • results & conclusions of the community engagement.


3. Introduction

  • Situation analysis or objective condition of the community (or partnerships) prior to the community engagement activities.
  • Issues and focus of community engagement.
  • Basic motive behind the community partnerships
  • The goals and expected impacts of the community engagement

4. Methods

The process of the mutual partnerships action plan:

  • subjects involved in the action plan of the community engagement
  • interaction among community engagement team, partners, subjects in the process of action planning and organizing community engagement
  • methods and/or strategy
  • the implementation stages of methods and/or strategy in community engagement design (may be supported by diagrams, flowcharts, etc.).


5. Results & Discussions

Results of the innovation from the community engagement activities:

  • dynamics process of community engagement
  • social, economic, or any other impacts from the community engagement
  • discussion of the result supported by related literature and theoretical perspectives
  • photo documentation of the community engagement activities.


 6. Conclusions

Reflection of  the community engagement result:

  • supportive factors and/or constraints in the implementation of the community engagement
  • sustainability


7. Acknowledgement

Acknowledgment is to express gratitude to certain individuals and/or parties those have participate directly and indirectly in the achievement of the community engagement intended.


8. References

  • All references mentioned in the list should be cited in the text (and vice versa)
  • Article should use at least 10 recent references (no more than 10 years)
  • This journal encourages you to cite from primary references such as: textbooks and journals (at least 80%)
  • Please refrain using internet websites as references
  • Reference list should follow the standard reference style of this journal (APA style,
  • Reference Manager (Mendeley, Crossref, Endnote, etc.) is mandatory